I Just wanted to give a great review on our dinner tonight . I manage a small Diner in Maple Valley and know how important reviews are. After reading a 1 star reviews for the Bistro, I thought where are these people from? Today is my daughter’s 36th birthday, our family tradition is to either cook a special dinner or go out for dinner. Their choice. My daughter chose the Bistro. I had the special, Cedar plank salmon…moist and delicious. My husband had the halibut Oscar. I don’t know how they could make a profit from it. Huge moist yet firm halibut topped with fresh crab and homemade holidaise sauce. My daughter had the 1lb king crab leg. Seriously, a 1 lb king crab leg! Her boyfriend had the seafood platter.It even had scallops and oysters on it. We also had a bottle of Syrah. We recently bought a house in westport and are estatic to be able to enjoy what would easily be a $300 dinner in King county for 1/2 the price for equal or better quality. So thank you!!